Loans despite credit – what to consider before applying for a loan


Loan can be taken out in spite of a loan

Loan can be taken out in spite of a loan

Another loan despite taking out a loan is not uncommon in the western economy, especially in the corporate sector, where it is not uncommon for several loans to be used and paid at the same time. Even in the private sector, a loan can be taken out in spite of a loan, as long as the applicant has the necessary collateral and a corresponding credit rating.

Homeowners mostly see the focus here, since the property is usually paid off over several decades and there is consequently another loan for new loans in the background. Banks also know this, of course, which is why another loan is not automatically rejected just because one or more other loans are already running alongside. Those affected should still be clear about their own financial situation before applying for a loan.

In the worst case, maintaining several loans at the same time can quickly lead to overindebtedness, where at least one of the loans can no longer be paid in installments in time. Conversely, this results in additional expenses, since a bank naturally has the right if the installments are not paid on time and also uses this to charge the borrower default interest. Not only do these increase, they trigger a spiral in which the borrower consequently creates further debts, since he can no longer pay the existing loans on time based on his own income.

A budget helps

A budget helps

Of course, a bank also checks the lender’s financial situation in advance and uses it to assess whether another loan can be issued or not. If the borrower has attachable assets, the chances increase significantly since the bank can use the assets to settle the loan in an emergency.

Before you get serious and actually apply for a loan despite a loan, you should consider a rough budget. With this, fixed running costs can be compared to the regular minimum income, as well as the planned rates for the additional loan.

You should only apply for another loan if this means that you can actually make further installments over several months or years. In order to find the cheapest provider for a loan despite a loan, you should also try a loan comparison.

This not only helps you in the search for a suitable provider for your wishes regarding term and loan amount, but also ensures that you keep the total cost of the loan as low as possible. Even with permanent employment with good income, it is recommended not to take more than three loans at the same time in order to avoid the risk of overindebtedness as best as possible.

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