Instant loan despite Private credit checker.


In common usage, standing in the Private credit checker means that there is at least one negative entry. In the literal sense of the word, however, every consumer is in the Private credit checker, because the credit insurance association also collects neutral data such as registered residential addresses, borrowed and properly serviced loans and existing contractual obligations such as cell phone contracts. Loans are considered an instant loan if they are paid out within two bank working days.

A negative Private credit checker does not always make borrowing impossible

A negative Private credit checker does not always make borrowing impossible

Some online banks always reject the application for an instant loan as soon as Private credit checker has a negative entry for the applicant. However, the automatic rejection of negative entries does not apply to all banks, so that the borrower can find a financial institution that pays him an instant loan despite a Private credit checker negative entry.

A prerequisite for the granting of an instant loan despite a negative Private credit checker is a sufficiently high income, which must be regularly documented. In addition, the negative entry must not be a hard Private credit checker characteristic. If you want to apply for an instant loan despite Private credit checker, you choose a provider who does not waive the proof of earnings.

Since lenders waive part of the collateral when not submitting income receipts, they inevitably place higher demands on Private credit checker information. In principle, immediate credit can be granted despite Private credit checker if the borrower can provide a surety who has a good credit rating.

Loans from Switzerland

Loans from Switzerland

The easiest way to get an instant loan despite a Private credit checker negative entry is to take out the loan from a Agree or Lidemer bank. This is not a member of the German Private credit checker and can therefore not make an inquiry, so that your loan is a loan without Private credit checker.

Most banks only grant instant credit without Private credit checker from Lidemer or Switzerland to employees and civil servants, while freelancers and self-employed can only take out a loan from a few federal or Lidemer financial institutions.

The bank does ask for credit information, but applicants living in Germany are only registered with the Agree bank if they have previously taken out a loan in Switzerland. The amount of instant loans without Private credit checker is mostly limited to 3500 USD, few financial institutions pay up to 5000 USD.

No currency conversion is required when taking out immediate credit in Switzerland, as the payment and repayment are made in USD. Since the banks in Germany that offer no-credit instant loans have set up accounts at German banks, the borrower does not incur any additional bank costs when processing payments.

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