Cash loan with immediate payment.


The savings often do not suffice for urgent household purchases or repairs on motor vehicles. The solution to this financial situation is a cash advance. This loan is available from some financial service providers even if the credit conditions are worse. Only very few credit agencies offer a cash loan with immediate payout.

A cash loan with immediate payout is available from some loan brokers

A cash loan with immediate payout is available from some loan brokers

In the past, a cash loan with immediate payout was offered by many dubious loan brokers. Very often these companies only used the financial hardship of the loan seekers. For a faster payment or credit protection, these credit agencies have asked high fees in advance or offered building society contracts and various personal and property insurance policies. However, a loan never came about in almost all cases. These dubious credit intermediaries are rarely active these days. The credit brokerage Lite lender Credit is one of the reputable providers that offer a very fast payment.

In order for the cash loan to be applied for with an immediate payment from the credit agency Lite lender Credit, the loan seeker must meet a number of requirements. The borrower must be of legal age and have a permanent residence in Germany. In addition, he has to prove a regular income as an employee, civil servant, self-employed or freelancer. Loan brokers also serve pensioners.

You can apply for the cash loan at the credit agency with and without Credit bureau information. After the application has been completed, it will be sent to Lite lender Credit with the required documents by post. The documents are checked immediately after receipt of the mail. If the application and the documents meet the agreed credit requirements, the loan amount is paid out. The money will be transferred within 24 to 48 hours.

A house or branch bank does not offer immediate payouts

A house or branch bank does not offer immediate payouts

Usually, the first way leads to the house bank in a financial emergency. The house bank usually keeps all the accounts of its bank customers and is responsible for all money transactions. A cash loan with immediate payment, such as that offered by some credit agencies, is not available from the house bank. Cash at home and branch banks is only granted after a detailed consultation. Credit bureau-free loans are also not available from these banks. As a result, loan seekers with a negative Credit bureau are very limited. If Credit bureau information is negative, no further loan collateral is often accepted.

With a positive Credit bureau, however, the house bank can help differently. If a bank customer is in a financial emergency, the overdraft facility can be increased at short notice. The expansion of the credit line is of course also dependent on the amount of income. This is usually possible immediately. However, there are high costs for an overdrafted checking account. Depending on the bank, interest rates range between 10 and 12 percent. The interest payments that arise are due on a quarterly basis at almost all banks. Anyone who decides to overdraft their current account should be sure that the overdraft facility granted can be repaid quickly.

Cash advances are only given to direct banks after a thorough examination

Cash advances are only given to direct banks after a thorough examination

Anyone looking for a very cheap loan will be served by the direct banks. The favorable credit conditions are possible because these banks offer their financial services exclusively on the Internet. There is no need to maintain an expensive branch network and there is no extensive credit advice from specially trained staff. Most of the application is made by the loan seeker himself.

Before a credit agreement can be concluded, the Credit bureau information is obtained. If the information contains negative features, the loan will be rejected immediately by email. If the Credit bureau is positive, the loan seeker is forwarded and can fill out his loan contract. The cash loan contract is placed online. All documents are sent to the direct bank either via video or post-ident. After a thorough examination of all documents, the loan is paid out. Since the check and the payment take a certain amount of time, a cash loan with immediate payment at a direct bank is not possible.

An instant payout loan can be very expensive

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Loan seekers should not confuse immediate disbursement with an immediate credit check. Financial service providers who offer a cash loan with immediate payment are also difficult to find on the Internet. Home, branch and direct banks do not offer this loan model at all. If a provider is found, the loan seeker must expect high costs. Before a loan contract is signed, the application should therefore be carefully examined and calculated. The provider of the loan should also be closely examined.

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